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Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

                                                 Minutes are posted the following month after Board approval


Summarized Minutes of April 13, 2023 Board of Directors Meeting Opening: Call to Order / Pledge at 9:00 am

Board Members present: Tom Elliott, Don Engel, Irene Martin, Dorine Foster, Mike Murray, John Christiansen.

Others present: Tammy Sanders, Dan Young, Mike Tripple, Joe Arterburn, Betty Robinson, Pat Cooley and Lane Anderson.

Employee Time: Sue Apolius requested a personal day on April 26, 2023.

Public Forum: Discussed morning coffee at LSC.

Secretary Report: Approved as read

Treasure Report: Approved as presented. Discussion regarding CPA firm for Month End and IRS filings.

Old Business:

Suggestion Box:

Mike Murray getting quote to replace floor covering in library.

Discussion on need for someone to clean the Center.

Fundraiser Breakfast: April 1st profit was $1,143. Next breakfast is May 6th. Thank you to all who volunteered and donated food items. Discussion regarding suggested donation price, will remain as is.

Treasurer Resignation: Irene Martin will delay her resignation until the Annual Meeting in October 2023.

Last Month’s Minutes and Financial Report: Board accepted the February 9, 2023 reports because a quorum was not present at the last meeting.

Stainless Steel Shelves: Cart by host desk is too large for kitchen pantry. Mike Murray will order stainless shelves to comply with NE requirements.

Computer Work: Tammy Sanders has set up Quicken and is populating the fields. She has requested and been given permission to establish a dedicated email address for financial transactions, i.e., direct billing, bank notifications, on-line payments, etc.

Picnic Table Expense: John Christiansen arranged for two tables from NE Game and Parks. John will power wash and donate stain / epoxy and work with Dan Young and Mike Tripple to get them refinished by next month. Thank you.

New Business:

Nominate/Vote Chairperson and Board Vacancies: The following members were voted in: Tom Elliott, Chairman; Don Engel, Vice Chairman; Joe Arterburn, Board Member at Large. These positions will remain active until the Annual Meeting in October 2023.

Digital Recorder: Board approved up to $150 to purchase a digital recorder for Board meetings to be used as a historical reference.

Changes-additions to By-laws: This item is tabled to be discussed at a future time. Add Signer on Checking Account: Tom Elliott will replace G Pfeifer as a check signer on the Lemoyne Senior Center bank account.

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 10:20 am.

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